Understanding Dot Net Security Framework

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Dot Net is a popular platform for developing rich websites and web applications. While developing websites or web applications on .NET technology, the developers tend to follow the security model which makes the hosting, service offerings and coding more credible. Strongest security model is the major advantage of Dot Net framework, which is the reason it is extremely preferred compared to many other technologies that exists.

This security model works in a synchronized way and automatically corrects the errors in the coding structure. This Dot net security model has few important components such as,

Code access security: Code Access Security (CAS) is the vital part of the .NET security model which actually decides whether or not the code is allowed to run, and what resources it can use when it is running. CAS is a security mechanism which uses evidence to help grant the right permissions to the right assembly.

Evidence based security: The evidence based security of Dot net framework works on the same lines of CAS. This sub system mostly includes the policy, permission, isolated storage and the evidence in order to provide a suitable execution atmosphere. In evidence based security the assembly code is examined during the runtime by the CLR

Cryptography: Cryptography is the art and science of keeping messages secure. Within the dot net framework the cryptography consists of the digital signatures, random number generation, hashing and more, where the elements are easily accessible to the developers.

Role based security: In Role-based security the security access level (permission) of the user is known by determining their role. It allows you to partition your web site according to the “role” of the user. That means that once a user is logged-in, the determination as to whether or not access to a resource is granted is based on the roles a user plays-such as “administrator”, or “premium subscriber”, or “guest”.

These above discussed points gives us only a brief view on the security aspect of the dot net framework. The best part of this model is that the developers don’t require to generate heavy coding for developing a smart web structure.

The .NET development company makes sure that this security model is implemented properly so access by the unknown codes can be controlled easily and their dot net developers can come up with the robust dot net solutions for their clients.

Latest trends in SharePoint development

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SharePoint is an effective tool to enhance and streamline your business in so many different ways. The major benefit with SharePoint services is you can make sophisticated no-code solutions such as workflow tracking and data views reports quickly and easily with the help of menus, templates and task panes.

Whether it’s a case of managing enterprise and web content, enabling users to share ideas and information, or helping developers build innovative new applications, SharePoint 2013 is brimming with exciting improvements and social capabilities to better organize, sync and share content.

Here’s a look at the most important changes in SharePoint 2013

One of the key new features in SharePoint 2013 is the e-discovery capability, which allows for more extensive searching and better legal holds of content inside and outside of SharePoint.

This version offers improved people-finding and better ability to share content and links and to track activity based on people or content

SharePoint 2013 improves capabilities for device channels, push notifications, HTML 5 support and in general has a more polished and less painful experience for the mobile workforce.

The cloud app model supports modern web standards. HTML, Javascript, ASP.NET, C#, PHP and OAuth are some of the standards that are 100% supported with the new app model.

Video and iframe embedding/support improvements. (There are a plethora of interesting changes that support the editing, and content management experience.

The upgrade features in SharePoint 2013 offer several improvements, such as upgrade for service applications and site collections, and a site health checker.

Overall Sharepoint really boosts employee productivity by simplifying everyday business activities; no wonder is it is getting so popular nowadays.

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Outsourcing Dot Net development, an effective business strategy

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For IT business owners, outsourcing dot net developer tasks is definitely a cheaper way to hire dot net programmers. Outsourcing few specific tasks also makes it easier for them to oversee all the aspects of the business this in turn helps with easier management. Outsourcing  will lead to discovering more business ideas and strategies which would be beneficial for them in the long run.

Outsourcing means flexibility, the owner can outsource any amount of work for whereby ever long they want. They can hire dedicated developers or go for contract basis for any specified amount of time. In software development, outsourcing dot net developers is an affordable option for business owners.

Few guidelines you should follow while outsourcing your business.

  • Outsource one task at a time, this ensures quality is maintained at all stages of dot net development. Once the initial project is done well, then it is the time for the next task to be outsourced. It is very important to build a trust before making any long term commitment.
  • Hire dot net developers gradually and build a big team. Just because you are outsourcing your dot net development task, doesn’t mean that you won’t have to oversee the goings-on of the other aspect of the project. Hiring a big team in one go is not always a smart move. Take time to see how things are shaping up with offshore people and take decision gradually. This will allow you to set a standard for all the work that is being done.
  • Be careful in giving away important information and in depth project details. You can only provide the information needed to do the required dot net job.

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How to Hire Dot Net Programmer for Reliable and Quality Dot Net Development

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Dot Net, a Microsoft initiative also known as .Net framework is the most popular and widely used programming language. Many companies prefer to Hire dot net programmers and outsource their dot net development work instead of having an in-house team, as this is a more affordable option for them.  The .NET Framework offers a number of advantages to developers like consistent programming model, highest form of data security, simplified development efforts, easy application deployment and maintenance, reliability etc. Because of these benefits many companies are now switching their development framework to Dot Net.

Now the main question that arises is how to hire dot net programmers who will cater to such ever increasing outsourcing requirements.

Several companies are providing professional and dedicated dot net development services, thereby providing a trustworthy platform for the customers to hire dot net developers who are skilled as well as affordable. There are many talented experts available in the field of .Net development who are willing to work with you. The ideal way to hire dot net programmer is to scan through various dot net development websites and read more about their developers. You can read the reviews related to the company and accordingly take a final call as per your requirement and budget.

Instead of going for a freelance dot net programmer, choose a reliable company which provides guarantees and quality service. The best part of hiring a dot net developer from a company is that you can be assured of their quality and protection of your product IPR which cannot be guaranteed by freelance programmers. Look for quality certifications like ISO 9001:2008, ISO: 27001:2005 etc. A Microsoft gold or silver competency demonstrates the company’s capabilities and expertise in the Microsoft skillsets. This can be a vital filtering point while choosing an ideal company to hire expert dot net programmers from.

The dot net development team should have wide experience in creating applications from scratch to porting legacy applications to the modern .NET platform. Take a closer look at the company’s portfolio and check their .NET development projects. Check for the technologies that have been used in their projects. NET framework includes many libraries and components facilitating and streamlining development process. The ideal dot net programmer should have competency in all these.

It is always wise to go for an experienced professional outfit rather than a newbie. As for any professional developer, it needs many years of experience to successfully complete any complex project on the dot net platform. So ideally a 5+ experience with different versions of ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET should be enough to start with. A candidate with Microsoft certifications like, Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS), Microsoft Certified Professional Developer (MCPD) proves their experience and knowledge in using Microsoft products like .Net Framework. So to hire a dot net programmer with such Microsoft certifications.

Once you finalize the company, you will have the flexibility in deciding the duration of your project based on the size of the dot net development team you hire.  Depending on the amount of the work, you can hire dot net programmers or a team of programmers on hourly, monthly or fixed price basis. Generally web design companies hire dot net programmers on monthly basis to support their web development needs related to any particular website. Few companies go for dedicated dot net developer for the maintenance kind of projects. For small tasks hourly basis recruitment is generally done.

It is very important to get timely updates from the team once the work begins. So make it a point to add this criterion during selection of dot net programmer from a company. A reliable Dot net development company like HireDotNetProgrammers.com provides data security as well. A non-disclosure agreement is a surety that your data and IPR is in safe hands, it is important to have it signed before commencing your project. So start looking for such reliable companies and hire dot net programmers who will provide you cost effective, robust and scalable dot net development.